Im Chang Jung Compliments MAMAMOO as This Year’s Best Rookie

On December 3, MAMAMOO uploaded a post onto their official Facebook page, “Im Chang Jung says MAMAMOO is the best. We think he is the best! MAMAMOO has grown so much thanks to the generous love and support of our senior Im Chang Jung. Top all-around entertainer Im Chang Jung, fighting!” The post also included a picture of the group with their senior.

In the picture, the members of MAMAMOO and Im Chang Jung look very close and are smiling brightly for the camera. The picture has especially been grabbing people’s attention because the track suit Im Chang Jung is wearing contrasts so starkly with the fancy, lacy outfits that the MAMAMOO girls in.

After seeing MAMAMOO’s performance of their new single “Piano Man,” it has been reported that Im Chang Jung called them to his waiting room to tell them that he considers them this year’s best rookie and that their performance was great. He revealed that it is the first time since his debut that he has called any of his juniors to personally meet them.