Highlights: “We Got Married” Ep. 248 – The Sweet and Happy Husbands

The time has finally come for another “We Got Married” recap! As usual, all three couples were major cuteness overload. For this week’s episode, it is all about the husbands. Ladies, brace yourselves!

1) Mother-in-Law’s Favorite

When finding their perfect husband, many women take into consideration how their partner treats their parents. This week, we saw a very nervous and anxious side of Hong Jong Hyun as he and Yura prepared to meet her parents for the first time in her hometown, Ulsan. He kept worrying about what to say to them and how to talk to them. Yura had mentioned that he should just make sure he gives big reactions to everything they say. Before they went to meet the parents, they went to the mall to buy some gifts. After looking around, they tried on some couple robes and told each other, “This is it!” As they headed towards her home, you could just tell Jong Hyun was still super nervous, as he became still and his face became tight and tense all together. But little did he realize that he really had nothing to worry about!

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Right as he walked into their home, Yura’s mother just poured out her love and care for him, more than her own daughter. Yura ran to give her mom a hug, but right after she saw Jong Hyun, all she could see was him and his perfect features. As Jong Hyun complimented Yura’s parents, her parents praised him and displayed their affection and love towards him just the same, well, mostly her mom. Yura’s mom is very similar to Yura herself. They both have this bubbly personality and an infectious laugh that just fills the room. Yura’s mom told Jong Hyun that she had to prevent people from coming over to her house because they heard that he was coming over. Yura’s dad was a major third wheel in this episode and there was pretty much a wall between him and Yura’s mom, Yura, and Jong Hyun. But he even went on to say, “When will mom ever get to hug a model son-in-law?” They provided him with really fancy Korean food as well. They had whale meat (which is really expensive and fancy in Korea), sashimi, and galbi stew. They definitely wanted to give their son-in-law the best!

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Jong Hyun really had nothing to worry about because Yura’s parents loved him. There were so many laughs and smiles shared and they all looked like they sincerely had a fun time! And what was so sweet was that during an interview with her parents, her dad mentioned that family has to be open with one another and because they don’t have a son, they would “rather treat him like a real son.”

2) Alex 2.0

If you have been following “We Got Married” since the beginning, when it all started, you probably know what I am referring to when I say, “Alex 2.0.” In 2009, Alex, from the group Clazziquai, made all the ladies swoon as he gently washed his TV wife, Shin Ae’s feet. But! There is a definite reason as to why Nam Goong Min is referred to as “Alex 2.0.” For Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young, the episode ended last week with Jin Young preparing to give her husband a Thai massage. Jin Young took out some wipes so that she could wash his feet, but he refused right away because he said his feet were dirty and he didn’t wash them. They sat on the couch, kicking each other, trying to wash the other one’s feet with the wipes. And finally, although Jin Young still did her best to resist, he caught her feet and started wiping them, just like when Alex washed Shin Ae’s feet. What am I saying? This was totally not the case, but overall it was still cute, just in a different way. Jin Young said in her interview that after Alex and Shin Ae’s feet washing, their feet washing came in second.

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Another reason why I realized that Min is like Alex is because he is very caring and affectionate towards his wife. He is very considerate towards her and does whatever she wants or wishes. He gives his full attention to his wife. Of course, there are parts of him that are completely different from Alex, but Min’s caring heart definitely stands out. He is a very charismatic actor and man, but he also has this very sensitive, cute, and bubbly side to him. And this definitely shows as he interacts and talks with his wife.

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As they went to go watch a scary movie, Min joked to Jin Young saying, “You want to watch a scary movie so that you can cuddle with me, right?” Although she denied it, everyone including Min knew this was the case. Min told her, “If you get scared, you can lean on me.” In his interview, he said that out of all of the scariest moments in his life, being scared in front of his wife was the most humiliating. He was embarrassed at how scared he was. But although he was getting freaked out, he was still consistent in taking care of his wife and protecting her. There was skinship shared, as they tightly held each other’s hands. It was still a precious moment as they weren’t afraid to show their true sides to each other while watching the horror movie. After the movie, they went to go play some pool. And, we all know that pool can become a very sexy game for a couple! Enter the sexy music. As Min taught Jin Young how to do a shot, he gave her a back hug and held her hand, while guiding her. SQUEALS from the audience!

3) Happiest Husband

Let me tell ya! Song Jae Rim was smiling ear to ear in this week’s episode. I honestly thought that he couldn’t smile more than he did last week at their sexy couple photo shoot, but I was wrong. As the cheesy couple prepared for their wedding, Jae Rim couldn’t hold in his happiness around Kim So Eun. As he brought home heavy bouquets of flowers to help make her wedding bouquet, and even as he pricked his finger on the flower’s thorns, he continued to smile and laugh. Isn’t he just the sweetest guy? He brought tons of flowers so that they could make her bouquet together and she could have her perfect arrangement of flowers! He even found the exact meanings for all the flowers too! How sweet! The whole studio audience was very impressed.

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The moment has come when Jae Rim will see his beautiful wife in a wedding dress! Even though he was confused at the bridal store and thought all the dresses looked the same, you could tell he still loved and enjoyed being there. The smiles definitely gave that one away. And let the cheesiness continue! He told So Eun, “These dresses are super heavy, do you think you will be able to even walk out?” I guess So Eun is becoming a lot more like him because she naturally says, “Of course, I’m walking to you. So how could I not even if it’s heavy?” This cheesiness just blew him away! As they continued looking at dresses, he picked one out for her, but he said that the other one was too sexy and that the “cup” sizes were different. So Eun cunningly responds, “You don’t think I can fill it? I have curves where I need them.” A lot of people in the studio and Jae Rim himself were surprised at how forward she was with this. Jae Rim asked her, “Can you be sick everyday?” So Eun was a little sick that day and men always say that women look prettier when they’re sick.

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So Eun went in to try on the first dress and when she came out, Jae Rim had his smile hanging from his ears. He just lost it and was in awe of her beauty. Totally dumbfounded. He recorded it on his phone, and as he watched it again, he was all smiles and was so happy seeing it again. When So Eun came out in her wedding dress choice, Jae Rim didn’t know where to look and he just looked towards the bottom of her dress, with an embarrassed expression.

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Now on to the wedding venue! It was so beautiful! Jae Rim was so good-looking and handsome in his tuxedo. He even stood outside to greet all of their guests. Guests included actor and Jae Rim’s close friend, Kim Min Kyo, Fiestar’s JeiDal Shabet’s Woo Hee, and also members of 5urprise, including the infamous Seo Kang Jun, Yoo Il, and Tae Oh. It was a crazy and hectic day for Jae Rim since he had to take care of both his guests and his wife’s guests. He was so busy and nervous that his throat became very dry and he had to keep drinking water.

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The time has come for them to walk down the aisle! So Eun was looking exceptionally gorgeous on her wedding day. They were both anxious and nervous and probably a bunch of other emotions as well. I am so excited to see them get “officially” married in next week’s episode!

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Can we just take a moment and appreciate Eric Nam’s reaction to Jae Rim’s cheesy comments?

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If you’ve watched this week’s episode, comment down below and tell us what your favorite part was!

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