JYJ’s Kim Junsu Hailed as 2014’s Best Musical Actor

Kim Junsu from JYJ has been chosen as the 2014 top musical actor.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, “’The Musical,’ a magazine about musicals, conducted a survey and Kim Junsu came out on top with 50 percent of the votes.”

Kim Junsu played the lead role in “Dracula” as Count Dracula from July to September at the Opera House in the Seoul Arts Center. As soon as people heard Kim Junsu had been cast as Count Dracula, there were hardly any empty seats left in the opera house. Like the fictional character he played on stage, Kim Junsu mesmerized his audience with his powerful performance.

“Kim Junsu has the amazing ability to sell out tickets. With his role as Dracula, he proved his great stage talents. He took the Dracula character to a whole different level. He left a deep impression as he deftly portrayed his character as mysterious and sorrowful,” reviewed a writer from “The Musical.”

Kim Junsu is expected to hold a solo concert on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31 in Jamsil.