Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Sojin, and Yura to Appear on “Eco Village”

Hyeri, Sojin, and Yura of the popular girl band, “Girl’s Day” will be appearing on the SBS variety program, “Eco Village.”

The show takes their cast away from the hectic city life and throws them into the countryside. There, they build houses and plastic greenhouses to show their viewers the lush green environment of Korea.

The three lovely ladies of Girl’s Day will be joining Kim Byung Man, Lee Jae Ryong, Song Chang Eui, and Mina, who is also from Girl’s Day.

“The girls (Hyeri, Sojin, and Yura) came and visited the site after they were invited by Mina,” said producer Kim Jun Soo in an interview with Osen. “They worked hard and helped build houses and greenhouses.”

The guests will be featured on the December 10 episode. “Eco Village” airs every Wednesday night on SBS.

Check out the preview below and be sure to tune in December 10 for the full episode!