Lee Soo Hyuk Receives Best Dresser Award

Model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk has been recognized for his fashion sense as he won this year’s Best Dresser award from the 29th Korea Best Dresser Awards.

The Korea Best Dresser Awards (Swan Award), which is now on its 29th year, is an awards ceremony that chooses the best dresser in various fields such as politics, culture, arts, sports, and entertainment.

Lee Soo Hyuk, who has had his start in the industry as a model, has been catching the attention of many people for his fashion sense that has always been sophisticated and elegant. His so-called “Lee Soo Hyuk fashion” has appealed to many people that those words come up on related searches on various portal sites, proving his popularity.

Upon receiving the award as the Best Dresser in the male talent category, Lee Soo Hyuk expressed his appreciation. “I’m glad to receive this award, the feeling is different. I will repay this in the future through good acting,” Lee Soo Hyuk said in his speech.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk has also been receiving attention not only for his fashion sense but for his acting as well. After showing his character transformation on the dramas “Shark” and “High School King of Savvy,” Lee Soo Hyuk is currently seen in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Valid Love.”
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