Ji Chang Wook Stresses Differences Between “Healer” And “Pinocchio,” Despite Both Being about Journalists

How does the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Healer” differ from SBS’ “Pinocchio,” which is also about journalists?

At a production press conference on December 4, actor Ji Chang Wook stressed the differences between “Healer” and ongoing popular drama “Pinocchio.”

He said, “Frankly, just by looking at the subject matter, the two dramas may understandably seem similar, but they are definitely distinct. Our drama will include a lot of action and looked at a certain way is much lighter than one might expect.”

He continued, “The character I will be playing goes by the titular code name Healer, and in keeping with the mysteriousness of the name, he is an errand boy who disguises his identity to get a job as a top reporter at a newspaper. It is a dark role, but the character is very comical and clumsy too.”

Ji Chang Wook admitted that he has not been able to watch every episode of “Pinocchio” but stressed, “Our drama is about journalists, but it also tells a bigger social story. I cannot stress enough that ‘Healer’ will be distinct. Not to mention, our writer Song Jina writes beautifully.”

Meanwhile, action-romance drama “Healer” will premiere on December 8 following “Tomorrow’s Cantabile”on KBS 2TV.