Jung Joon Young Sings for “Modern Farmer” OST

Singer Jung Joon Young participated in the OST for SBS’Modern Farmer,” singing the song “Same Place.”

“Same Place” is a rock ballad in which Jung Joon Young’s sorrowful voice tells a heart-breaking love story.

Lyrics such as “I am looking at you,” “Only you don’t know,” “My sad love is always at the same place,” particularly reflect the one-way relationships and love triangles of the main characters. Many are anticipating that the relatable lyrics will help the drama absorb the audience.

“Modern Farmer” is a human comedy drama that depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of four rock band members who move to the countryside. It has been gaining attention due to its comical yet creative effects, energetic air, and skilled actors such as Lee Hong Ki and Honey Lee.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young screen debut flick, “Today’s Love,” has it’s premiere right around the corner, and the singer is preparing for a new album, as well.

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