“Misaeng” Releases Pictures of Its Male Cast When They Were Young

tvN‘s currently-airing hit drama “Misaeng” released a series of photos of its male cast when they were young to its official Facebook page.

In the images released, the male employees of One International can be seen when they were younger.

Im Si Wan, who plays Jang Geu Rae in the drama, is adorable as a small violin player in the first set of images. His graduation photos from elementary, middle, and high school are also revealed.

Picture of Jun Suk Ho (Assistant Manager Ha) when he was younger was also posted, along with those of Byun Yo Han (Han Suk Yool), who looked identical to how he looks now. The right image with his current hair was photoshopped.

The biggest surprise is probably the photo of Kim Dae Myung (Assistant Manager Kim) when he was skinnier. A picture of Assistant Manager Kang (Oh Min Seok) can be also found, taken during his university days.

Check out the images below!

Im Si Wan:

misaeng male cast 01

misaeng male cast 02

Jun Suk Ho:

misaeng male cast 03

Byun Yo Han:

misaeng male cast 04

Kim Dae Myung:

miseng male cast 05

Oh Min Seok:

misaeng male cast 06

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