First Two Trainees Wonho and Hyungwon for “NO.MERCY” Revealed

A teaser video introducing the first two trainees of the upcoming Mnet hip-hop idol group survival show “NO.MERCY” was revealed.

“NO.MERCY” will be a reality show that will air on Mnet to create Starship Entertainment‘s next hip-hop idol group. In the teaser video released, the first two trainees Wonho and Hyungwon had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

In the video, Wonho and Hyungwon’s various skills and strengths are revealed.

Wonho calls himself sexy, and adds that his specialty is taekwondo. Hyungwon reveals his height (181cm) in the video, while naming urban and hip-hop dance as his specialty. He also comments that he is in charge of “visuals.”

During the minute-long video, the two trainees can be seen goofing around with each other.

“NO.MERCY” will start airing on December 10. There are 12 trainees in total who will be competing on the show.

Check out the teaser video for the first two trainees below.

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