Kris and SM Entertainment Fail to Reach Agreement, Mediation to Continue Next Year

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and his former agency, SM Entertainment, will be pushing forward with their contract dispute into the new year, after failing to reach an agreement once again during a second round of court-appointed mediation.

On December 5, both sides of the lawsuit entered their second mediation, following an unsuccessful first arbitration meeting earlier this year in July. This second court-referred arbitration meeting was held privately, and the lawyers defending the two sides were present. Neither Kris nor SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Young Min, were in attendance.

The main concern of the mediation was to work out a compromise before officially going to trial as a standard civil lawsuit. However, the results were the same as the first meeting—failing to reach an agreement and only having confirmed the differences of the opposing sides.

It has been decided that the third round of court-appointed arbitration will be held next year.

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