Yeo Jin Goo Suffers Finger Fracture While Filming for Upcoming Film “Western Front”

It has been reported that actor Yeo Jin Goo was recently injured during filming for his new movie “Western Front.”

According to the movie’s production team on December 5, Yeo Jin Goo suffered a fracture to his left ring finger after crashing into a tank while shooting an action scene in Hapcheon County located in Gyeongnam, this past December 3.

A representative of the actor’s agency explained to Star News, “The accident occurred on December 3, and he received an exact diagnosis at a hospital in Seoul on December 4. Fortunately, it was not a serious injury. There was a slight crack on his left ring finger for which he received proper treatment. Luckily, outdoor filming is in the stages of wrapping up, so it will not affect filming, as there is about a two week break. [Yeo Jin Goo] will also attend the production briefing for ‘Shoot My Heart’ next week as planned.”

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo has been quite busy this year, as he is currently filming “Western Front,” while at the same time preparing for the premiere of his upcoming film “Shoot My Heart,” also starring actor Lee Min Ki, in January.
yeo jin goo western frontWishing the actor a speedy recovery!

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