B.A.P Responds to TS Entertainment’s Statement, Refutes Claims Made by Agency

B.A.P has denied TS’s claims outlined in their December 5 statement, which states that they believe a hidden influence is behind the group’s lawsuit, among other things.

On December 5, Dodam, B.A.P’s legal representative company, released an official statement regarding the group’s lawsuit against TS Entertainment.

“Following B.A.P’s debut in 2012, the group worked extremely hard to become the best, undertaking 260 official schedules in 2012, 140 in 2013 (16 of which were international), and 110 in 2014, which includes 33 events held in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Singapore. B.A.P even became known as a group that doesn’t take breaks,” says Dodam.

“In order to become the best, B.A.P did everything their agency asked for. Especially from March 21 to June of this year, the group had a crazy schedule that took them to Sendai, Osaka, Tokyo, the Philippines, New York, Dallas, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Melbourne, Sydney, Taiwan, Singapore, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Chiba, and Bangkok.”

The statement continues, mentioning a recent case from October of this year in which one member was rushed to the hospital for exhaustion. Despite the adamant recommendation from the hospital for the member to remain in-hospital, the agency allegedly discharged him to perform. “Having remembered a previous instance in which a member was told that he would be charged for damages if he didn’t go perform, the member suffering from exhaustion ended up performing with his IV bandages still on,” says Dodam, stressing that the agency did not seem to care for B.A.P’s health or well being at all.

“It doesn’t matter if the amount comes out to be zero won. What matters is that the agency is transparent. As reported, the first payment B.A.P received was on August 1 of 2014, and the amount was a mere 1.8 million won (approx. 16,000 USD). Previously, the agency kept changing their word and never revealed any payment documents.”

Dodam says, “TS Entertainment needs to reveal the exact expense records for the 1.55 billion won (approx 1.4 million USD) that went into album promotions. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the agency to avoid punishment for false accounting.”

Further, TS scheduled performances without first telling B.A.P, and scheduled the recent South America tour without B.A.P’s permission, regardless of the group having asked for a break.

Dodam wraps up, “There is no behind-the-scenes influence. TS, without any evidence as to who it is, or how they got their information, is making a false, groundless claim.”

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