Yura’s Mom Tells Hong Jong Hyun That He’s Not Fun on “We Got Married”

On the December 6 broadcast of “We Got Married,” Hong Jong Hyun and Yura had dinner with Yura’s parents. Speaking to Hong Jong Hyun, Yura’s mom said, “The two of you are becoming more like each other. Yura used to like people who laughed a lot and were funny. But honestly, you’re not that fun.”

But don’t be alarmed Hong Jong Hyun fans. She continued by saying, “But lately you’ve become more fun. And Yura’s becoming more calm and poised like you. You two are becoming more and more like each other’s ideal types.”

Even though she did say Hong Jong Hyun was not fun, Yura’s mother told Yura she lucked out with her husband and showed her affection for Hong Jong Hyun throughout dinner.

WGM Jjongah

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