[VIDEO] BTOB Is Back Again on AS4U

If you’re a fan of BTOB, then you know that they are extremely, 100% a-okay with throwing shame to the wind in the name of having fun. If you are not a fan of BTOB, well you probably will become one after watching this week’s “A Song For You.”

If you recall, the vocal-line of BTOB joined MC’s Kangin, Amber, and Sungjae on the first episode of this AS4U season. But, the group simply isn’t the same without the rappers and this week the whole group finally made it on the show to support their band-mate Sungjae (perhaps to help him recover from the Super Junior episode).

Here are our weekly top 5 moments from the episode – there were a lot more than 5 screen-cappable, gif-abble, tumblr-worthy moments but I had to choose only 5. As always, scroll to the bottom to catch the full episode as well!

1. Sungjae’s well-deserved moment to shine on AS4U.

as4u-kangin-reveng as4u-sungjae-confident

Please note Kangin deciding that he’s done with the episode before it even begins.

2. Ilhoon, being unaware of AS4U’s sadistic side, seals BTOB’s fate…

as4u-btob-ilhoon-curious as4u-btob-chanseob

… to eat capsaicin chicken. Because the rap-line missed out on the uber spicy chicken from last time… they got it this episode – TWICE.

3. Eunkwang‘s face.

as4u-btob-eunkwang as4u-btob-eunkwang-3

I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard at it that I had to put it on this list.

4. This week’s hilarious game.

as4u-btob-hugghing-1 as4u-btob-hugging-2

The members have to hug each other while yelling “I LOVE YOU.” And pop some balloons, I guess.

5. Performances with the rapper line!


The band prepared two sweet songs for the occasion: “You’ll Be Alright” and “You’re So Fly!”

Have I managed to convince you to check out the full episode in all of it’s glory? You’re welcome:

And just one last picture: