TVXQ’s Changmin Went on a Strict Diet to Prepare for His Topless Performance

TVXQ‘s Changmin has confessed that his flawless abs are the result of a strict diet.

On December 7, the legendary male group held a press conference before the second concert of their special concert tour, TVXQSPECIAL LIVE TOUR –T1ST0RY

On the previous day, Changmin surprised the audience by taking off his shirt for his solo stage, revealing his perfect abs. Regarding this, the singer said, “I did not drink any alcohol for two months in order to prepare for the topless performance.”

“My trainer told me not to eat soup, stew, hot pepper flakes, or hot pepper paste for two months. I underwent an unbelievably strict training program,” the idol revealed the secret to his defined muscles – a diet that consists of mild, low-sodium foods.

Meanwhile, TVXQ held their first domestic solo concerts in two years on December 6 and 7, selling out both concerts and attracting a crowd of 24,000 people.