DSP Media Releases Track List for Special Winter Album Featuring Kara, Rainbow, A-Jax, and More

DSP Media has released the track list of their special winter album, “White Letter.”

“White Letter” is the winter project album from DSP Entertainment that features its roster of currently active artists, as well as a few trainees seen through the “Kara Project: The Beginning.”

The album will consist of eight songs, starting off with “White,” by DSP artists. The second track “Angel” is by Kara, while third track “One More Time” will be by Rainbow.

The fourth track “Take Care of My Heart” is by DSP’s soloist Oh Jong Hyuk. Fifth track “First Love” will be a duet between Gyuri and Seungyeon of Kara.

Sixth track, titled “Like Lovers,” is by A-Jax, featuring Oh Jong Hyuk. Seventh song on the album, “Me Inside You,” will be by trainees Somin and Chaewon.

The album will conclude with Kara’s “Into the World.”

“White Letter” will be officially released on December 15.

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