Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 11

Episode 11 of “Birth of a Beauty” starts out great as the happy new couple returns from their meeting place, but cracks in their plans begin to show as time goes on. From Sa Ra trying to uphold her new identity to Han Tae Hee trying to rightfully take Winner Group, both find strong opposition and attacks against them. Lee Kang Joon may have been fooled by Sa Ra before, but several inconsistencies have him suspicious of her.

1. Sa Ra tries to build off her new fame.


Since she is already the guest taster on a cooking show, Sa Ra decides to take the chance to use her fame to her advantage. Cooking up a phenomenal meal for the crew of the show, Sa Ra asks if she can participate herself and try to become a chef. Needless to say, she is told she is more than qualified to be on the show.

2. Gyo Chan Yun tries to take the Canvas Building.


After learning from her husband’s mother that his father was thinking of returning Sa Geum Ran’s property to her mother, Gyo Chae Yun is outraged. Stealing Lee Kang Joon’s signature seal, Gyo Chae Yun tries to officially sign the Canvas Building over to herself. In doing so, she can sell the property to prevent either family from taking what she thinks is rightfully hers.

3. Han Tae Hee decides to “invest” in Sa Ra.


Upon learning that Sa Ra wants to become a chef via the cooking show, Han Tae Hee tells her that he is going to invest in her with the expectation of her succeeding. This of course is just a guise to hide that he wants to buy things for his new girlfriend without her rejecting. Han Tae Hee even goes as far as to get her a car—being thoughtful of her trauma by getting one that can brake by itself.

4. Lee Kang Joon discovers something extremely fishy about Sa Ra


After setting one of his lackeys out to spy on Sa Ra, Lee Kang Joon first discovers that Sa Ra is seeing another man, then that she has a connection to Sa Geum Ran’s mother. When he finally gets released from jail, one of the first things he does is goes to Sa Ra’s home. The tension is high as Sa Ra tries to keep her cool and stay consistent. However, when one of Lee Kang Joon’s other lackeys lures her out of the house for a few moments, Lee Kang Joon quickly goes through her room for some sort of information. Sa Ra is too slow to realize what is happening before Lee Kang Joon discovers the news articles about him and his family.

He confronts her, but Han Tae Hee finally returns home and protects her. Finally seeing the connection between the two, Lee Kang Joon throws the papers to the ground and leaves.

5. Sa Ra says the “L” word.


As Sa Ra nurses the shoulder Han Tae Hee hurt as he dashed to return home, the latter tries to get her to tell him she loves him. Since he is Sa Ra’s manager, the PD of the cooking show had called him with the news and revealed to him that Sa Ra had said that she was doing the show for the strength to protect the man she loves. Given that the two are now dating and the feelings are genuinely mutual, Han Tae Hee knows that man is him.

When he tells her what he was told, Sa Ra teasingly avoids saying it. However, Han Tae Hee falls asleep right, and seeing this Sa Ra finally tells him that she loves him.

With things starting to come together and fall apart, where do you think the show is going? Tell us below!

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