Tim and Infinite’s Sunggyu Featured in Yoon Sang’s New EP

Pop ballad singer Tim and Infinite’s main vocal Sunggyu will feature in Yoon Sang’s new EP “The Duets Part 1,” which is set for release on December 11.

Today at noon, Yoon Sang unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming EP “The Duets Part 1” through a leading music site. The tracklist includes his latest single “Waltz,” which was released last month on November 28. It also includes “Prelude to waltz,” “RE: To Me” featuring Infinite’s Sunggyu, and “From that Winter” featuring Tim.

Except for the instrumental tracks, all of the songs in “The Duets Part 1” are duets sung by Yoon Sang and another male artist. In “Waltz,” Yoon Sang collaborated with Davink, and fans are looking forward to his collaborations with Tim and Sunggyu.

Online stores will begin sales of Yoon Sang’s “The Duets Part 1” on December 11. The EP will be available for purchase in offline stores the next day.