Moms Are the Best: “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Episode 98

Last week, we rejoiced as “Dad! Where Are We Going?” returned to its foundation and dropped the fathers and children in a rural town of South Korea on some mountain top.

Kim Sung Joo, Kim Min Yool, Ryu Jin, Lim Chang Hyung, Jung Woong In, Jung Se Yoon, Yoon Min Soo, Yoon Hoo, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Ahn Ri Hwan have been surprised by three mothers and two younger sisters: Da Yoon, So Yoon, and everyone’s moms except Ri Hwan and Chang Hyung. (I apologize for my mistake in last week’s highlights; I totally overlooked the fact that Chang Hyung’s mom did not come either.)

The children rejoice at the arrival of their moms, and the three happy families spend a joyful time showing off their houses and catching up on their days.

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Eventually, everyone gathers to cook dinner. That’s when we remember the two lonely dads who don’t have their wives with them.

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But no matter. The three moms are cooking dinner for everyone and that makes everyone’s day better. Because what’s better that mom’s “home”-cooked meal?

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Jung Woong In exhibits model husband behavior by not leaving his wife’s side and helping her cook throughout the whole time dinner is being made. (Ahn Jung Hwan jokes that Woong In has to be good to his wife because she’s 12 years younger than him.) Kim Sung Joo tries to be just as helpful to his wife, but his awkwardness in the position reveals that it’s his first time helping his wife cook.

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Meanwhile, the children are playing on their own. Min Yool and Da Yoon have a cute date by themselves, where Da Yoon is completely crushing on “Min Yool oppa” and Min Yool is caring and doting unlike he’s been to any other girl on the show before.

DWAWG 120714 6

Finally, it’s dinner time! Of course, all the food is excellent and the children-and fathers-basically inhale it all. Chang Hyung is especially honest when asked whose food he likes better: his mom’s or the three moms’ who came. (An immediate “the three moms who came.”)

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After dinner, the families gather around and enjoy the night. First, they initiate Se Yoon’s mother because it’s her first time with the other families. She displays some… interesting voice imitations. Somehow the conversation turns to couple fights, and suddenly, the children have a lot to say about their mom and dad fighting. The night ends in laughter thanks to the children’s keen observation skills.

DWAWG 120714 8DWAWG 120714 9

But too soon, it’s time for the moms to leave for the night. Se Yoon brushes her teeth sadly,

DWAWG 120714 10

even stays silent while Da Yoon is being punished (adorably and hilariously) for pulling her sister’s hair,

DWAWG 120714 11

and finally breaks out into tears when her mom leaves. Woong In realizes that Se Yoon, who is usually mature and bright, is still a young child.

DWAWG 120714 12 DWAWG 120714 13

Hoo is usually known for loving his mom a lot, so it’s no surprise that he’s heartbroken to see her go.

DWAWG 120714 14

However, Min Yool is mature and tearless while sending his mom off… that is, until Kim Sung Joo plays a joke on his son by pretending to drive off with her too. (Why? Why must you torture your son like that?)

DWAWG 120714 17

The trip ends here. It’s implied that the remaining fathers and children sleep for the night and immediately return home the morning after, which brings into question why the children were so upset to see their moms go. Then again, that’s why they’re still kids. To them, their moms are the best in the world.

On “Dad! Where Are We Going?” next week:

The episode ends with the fathers meeting at a cafe to plan for their next trip, which is obviously going to be special by the looks of it. After everyone except Sung Dong Il arrives, the PD announces a second low-cost backpacking trip. Last time, the six fathers had to plan their own trip and the four families with the lowest costs got to go on the trip they planned. The other two went to a deserted island. This time, the dads get to pick the theme of their trip, and the producers will plan their individual trips accordingly. They take their time making wise decisions between themes like luxury, education, music, and suffering.

DWAWG 120714 15

The day arrives when everyone finds out where they are going. Hoo and Ri Hwan’s families are going to Calgary, Canada. Min Yool and his dad are going to Taiwan. Sung Bin and her dad are going to Nagoya, Japan. Finally, Chang Hyung and Se Yoon’s families are going to the Philippines. The official trips begin next week!

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Bottom line, dads are cool and great fun for variety shows, but moms are basically the best. Let us know what you thought of the episode below!

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