A Year With Our “Battle of the Bands” Winner BTS

Last week we held a friendly “Battle of the Bands” across all of our SNS accounts. Soompiers spoke and the fan-favorite “B” Hip-Hop Group of the season is without a doubt BTS!

To celebrate their victory, let’s re-visit their super successful 2014 – through selcas the boys uploaded themselves onto their official Twitter account!


2014 began with the boys going through the ultimate welcome into the K-pop world: Idol Sports Olympics! Rapper Suga couldn’t be in attendance, but a bear was able to almost replace him.


And then, the ultimate proof of their hard work paying off – the boys won the Newcomer Award at Golden Disk and then again at the Seoul Music Awards and once more at the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards! Add their other award won in December, and they racked up a whopping FOUR newcomer awards! (This probably isn’t surprising to you though, right?)


February marked both an awesome comeback with “Boy In Luv” and the boys slaying noonas with valentines day chocolate.


March was magnae Jungkook’s high school entrance (cue uniform pics) and Suga’s birthday – during which he spent hours and hours prepping snacks for ARMYs (cue ugly, touched crying). March was also white day. And BTS covering Shinhwa and wearing military uniforms. This is such a nice stroll down memory lane, am I right?


April was time for “Just One Day” promotions and BTS showing off their softer side. Sultry BTS? If you insist! (And by “sultry” I mean sleepy… almost the same thing but not really.)


May, oh May, Coming of Age Day was celebrated and apparently in Korea Rap Monster, V, and Jimin are now adults! Who knew? May also marked the boys going to Japan (and being the cutest tourists) and eating. A lot of eating.


June was voting season in Korea for the eldest members (J-HopeJin,and Suga), Jin revealing he had more than a little thing for Mario, and Jimin and Suga on a date. I mean, more eating.


June 12th was also a very important day – BTS’s first birthday! Fans were treated to real-time updates of the boys throwing themselves a birthday party to celebrate a full 365 days since debut! With Jin on cooking duty, Rap Monster as his faithful assistant, Suga/Jimin trying and failing to decorate a cake, and the troublemakers J-Hope, Jungkook, and V on cleaning duty, everyone came together to celebrate the occasion as the perfect team they are!


July marked the boys’ first trip to LA – to meet their heroes, learn about the roots of hip-hop culture, film their reality TV program “American Hustle Life,” and create the Chim Chim/Tony line. All this while preparing for their “Danger” comeback! Talk about multi-tasking.


August was the boys second trip to LA (this time to bring the house down before a huge crowd of screaming North American ARMYs at KCON), a Chim Chim/Tony reunion, and another hot comeback – this time with “Danger!”


September was the announcement of the group’s first solo concert – already happening only a little after a year of activity! And, thus the practicing selcas poured in and not a soul complained. Also, BTS with kids.


October marked THREE full days of “The Red Bullet” Concerts in Korea and was also the month that someone introduced V to the power of selcas – which he then continued to spam the Twitter account with (and not a soul complained). Also, BTS went to Mexico for Music Bank!


November, oh November! November was: adorable selfies, “Hormone War” promotions, chilling with Epik High, getting Kakao stickers, playing “find the BTS” in Japan, and more…. It was a big month for the boys.


And last but not least the month that has only just begun! The end of the year is nigh and BTS is going out with a bang – traveling all around Asia for MAMA 2014, “The Red Bullet” in the Philippines, a series of concerts in Japan – all while teasing us with images of working on their next big hit! I hope that before they release their next album they take a few weeks to relax – while uploading a ton of pictures to their Twitter account. Who’s with me on this?

Here’s to the great 2014 we had with the Soompier-voted favorite “B” hip-hop group!

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