Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 16

Episode 16 of “Modern Farmer” is a bit of a roller coaster ride with all its ups and downs. While some relationships are really looking up, Yoo Na has finally started to act upon her jealousy of Lee Min Ki’s attention on Kang Yoon Hee. Drama is on the rise as Kang Min Ho sneaks away to Seoul and Park Sang Deuk finally steps up to the plate. And while things seemed okay for the first group of tourists, things definitely did not go as planned…

1. Han In Ki and Kim Soon Boon confess to each other.


After avoiding him for a while, Kim Soon Boon is approached by Han In Ki. When asked why she is avoiding him, Kim Soon Boon lies and says she’s trying not to make him misunderstand about the freezer incident. Having thought she felt the same, Han In Ki says he is disappointed that she doesn’t feel the same way. However, Kim Soon Boon is quick to admit that she does, and Han In Ki is relieved.

2. Yoo Han Chul makes Lee Soo Yun’s dream come true.


Being the thoughtful “boyfriend” that he is, Yoo Han Chul had sent away Lee Soo Yun’s sketchbook full of her fashion designs and had them created. Lee Soo Yun is extremely touched by the action and happily stands beside him as they sell everything. She even obliges shyly when Yoo Han Chul timidly asks for a kiss. Looks like things really will work out for them!

3. Park Sang Deuk finally stands up for his relationship.


After all this time in hiding, Park Sang Deuk finally tells his mother not only that he loves and will date Yoo Mi Young, but also that he wants to marry her. But of course his mother, shocked by the sudden admission, faints.

This also happens to be the last straw for the visiting family. After experiencing the weirdness of the village and the sometimes brash villagers, they finally pack up and leave in annoyance.

4. Kang Min Ho travels to Seoul to see his father.


Lee Hyun Suk had given Kang Yoon Hee tickets to see his piano recital, but she seemed as though she was not going to go. Kang Min Ho, however, having found out about his father, takes the tickets and goes to Seoul on the day of the concert to see Lee Hyun Suk. After frantically searching for her son, Kang Yoon Hee finds that the tickets are missing and puts two and two together.

Before anything can be done to stop Kang Min Ho, Lee Hyuk Suk discovers that he is his son. Almost distraught, Lee Hyuk Suk demands to know why Kang Yoon Hee didn’t tell him. After explaining and apologizing, Kang Yoon Hee is interrupted by a woman who seems to be Lee Hyun Suk’s girlfriend. Kang Yoon Hee is quick to end the conversation and leave.

5. Kang Yoon Hee lets some of her pent up emotions out.


When Kang Yoon Hee puts Kang Min Ho to bed, she holds back tears as he apologizes for what he did. Being the kind-hearted son that he is, Kang Min Ho says seeing his father’s face once was enough, and that she is all he needs. He even goes as far as to promise that he will never make her upset again.

As soon as he is asleep, Kang Yoon Hee goes off by herself to cry. However, Kang Hyuk is quick to find her and comfort her. Remember how a similar situation happened earlier in the show? With Lee Min Ki comforting and Kang Hyuk watching from afar? Well now the tables are turned as Lee Min Ki finds the two.



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