Sojin: “Girl’s Day’s Members Kiss Each Other a Lot”

Girl’s Day leader Sojin has explained that the members of her group “kiss one another a lot.”

The star was speaking during the recording of a section of the MBC Music show “Idol School” called “Truthful Talk – Yes or No?” During this section, Sojin was asked, “Have you kissed anyone in the past three months?”

Sojin responded that she has. When four of the five members of UNIQ, also guest appearing on the show, stood up at the question (saying yes), Sojin said “But kissing your fellow members doesn’t count,” at which the four members promptly sat back down.


Jeon Hyun Moo, one of the hosts of the show, then asked Sojin, “Do the members of idol groups kiss each other often?”

Sojin said, “The Girl’s Day members often kiss one another and make cute or flirty comments to each other.”

The next edition of “Idol School,” featuring Sojin of Girl’s Day and boy band UNIQ, will be broadcast on at 6 p.m. on December 9 on MBC Music.