Hong Kong Fans Call Tablo “Haru’s Brother” or “Haru’s Dad?”

On December 9, hip-hop group Epik High appeared on the “2014 MAMA TAXI in Hong Kong” special broadcast of tvN’s variety show “Taxi.”

The group came to filming after finishing up a dry rehearsal for the “2014 MNet Asian Music Awards.” While they were walking, several Hong Kong fans came up to Tablo asking in Korean, “Haru’s oppa? Haru’s oppa?”

This seemed to put Tablo in high spirits. Smiling, he said, “I guess people overseas think I’m Haru’s oppa [older brother].” The other members of Epik High, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin, were sure that the fans just mispronounced “appa,” which means dad, as “oppa,” but Tablo insisted that the fans’ pronunciation was accurate.

In the episode, the members of Epik High share about why they like working with G-Dragon, their objective evaluation of YG’s cafeteria food, and more.