VIXX’s Ravi Drops “Diss Hater” Rap in Response to iKON’s Bobby

VIXX member Ravi has released what appears to be a diss track aimed at iKON member Bobby, in response to some of Bobby’s raps, which allegedly were attacks aimed at idol rappers. The track, called “Diss Hater,” was uploaded to Ravi’s Soundcloud page and begins with the line, “This song’s for Bobby.”

Web users on Soundcloud and other social media sites have been keen to point out the likelihood that Diss Hater is a response to the Bobby track YGGR#HipHop,” which contains the lyrics “you have got a long way to go, boy band rappers,” as well as “do your clock dance,” possibly a reference to themes used in the VIXX track “Miracle.” “YGGR#HipHop” also contains the lyric, “If you are tone deaf, then practice.”

Several recent Bobby tracks, such as “YGGR#HipHop,” “Come Here,” and “Raise Your Guard and Bounce,” have featured lyrics that web users have interpreted as thinly veiled slurs aimed at boy band rappers.

Possibly the most pointed moment of “Diss Hater,” which is only 56 seconds long and makes use of the instrumental of Epik High’s “Born Hater,” is the lyric, “Yes, I’m an idol. But you are also a f***ing idol.”

Ravi also adds “Yes, I’m in a boy band, and I do a clock dance. I am not tone deaf, though,” as well as, “Stop acting like you are different and dissing us.”

Ravi also took to his official Twitter page to publicize the song.

“Diss Hater” lyrics:

Yes, I’m an idol

But you are also a f***in idol

A diss battle acting like we’re different

Is a little disgusting; let’s call it quits, right?

I acknowledge the boy group clock dance,

But I’m not tone deaf, little brother

I’m away from home, hustlin every night too

Sure, I’m jealous: a Show Me trophy at 20

And a career that eats up Melon, all before debut

You say it like a habit, but I don’t give a f***

I don’t want to fight

We’re all the same, you, me, them, idols

If you rap and have some fans, does that make you real?

That’s no no. We’re different you know

Yea if hip hop’s so easy to kill

We’re not the ones to blame, what I mean, shit.

Shout out to Bobby, I’m just diss hater

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