“Roommate” Stars Threaten to Make GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Young Ji Get Married

Comedian and “Roommate” cast member Jo Se Ho has jokingly warned that housemates Jackson (of GOT7) and Young Ji (of KARA) “might get married” in the most recent episode of the reality show.

In the December 9 episode of the show Jackson and Young Ji were shown getting into the back of a car, with Jo Se Ho sitting in the driver’s seat next to actor Lee Dong Wook.

Young Ji and Jackson were playfully bickering after the KARA star complained that she had had to move over to make room for the GOT7 member. At this point, Jo Se Ho interrupted, quipping, “If you keep this kind of thing up, you might end up getting married!”

Lee Dong Wook added with a smile, “If you don’t stop this bickering, we will make you two get married!”