KBS Declares Masta Wu’s “Come Here” Unfit for Broadcast

Hip hop artist Masta Wu’s “Come Here” has been ruled unfit for broadcast on KBS.

According to KBS, the song references brand names and inappropriate slang, which led to the decision not to broadcast the song. The inappropriate lyrics include “Jjogpaligi (embarrassing)” and “Ssagaji (someone who is rude).” The song also references Tabasco sauce, a hot sauce product from the US.

The song is the first new single from Masta Wu in six years. It is also YG’s second hip hop project which features iKon’s Bobby and 1llionaire’s Dok2. The song became an instant hit when it was released December 2 and has even topped major music charts at one point.

Despite the ruling from KBS, Masta Wu is still expected to perform on SBS’ “Inkigayo” on December 14.