“Three Meals a Day” Stills Show Lee Seung Gi as a Very Welcomed “Slave”

Lee Seung Gi is set to guest star on tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day.” In stills of the upcoming episode, the show’s star, Lee Seo Jin, can be seen joking that Lee Seung Gi is “a praise-worthy slave.”

The pictures were released December 10 on the show’s official facebook account.

Lee Seung Gi guest stars on

Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi on “Three Meals a Day”

“A slave highly praised by Lee Seo Jin! Lee.Seung.Gi., even his name is divine. We’ve never seen such a warm welcome on “Three Meals a Day.” There was even time to drink a hot cup of barley tea before harvesting sorghum.”

The first three pictures show Lee Seung Gi, bag in hand, meeting with Ok Taecyeon. The last image of him drinking a mug of coffee feels almost as if it could be from a photo shoot.

The episode is scheduled to air Friday, December 12, at 9:50pm on tvN.