GOT7’s Jackson Forced to Choose Between ‘Goo Hara vs. Suzy’ and ‘SM vs. YG’

GOT7’s Jackson was recently put into a sticky situation in which he was forced to make a difficult choice between two options.

During the December 10 broadcast of KBS’ “Vitamin,” the guests were put to a stress test. They were asked to put stress patches on the palms of their hands and were then tested on making difficult decisions.

When it came to Jackson’s turn, he was asked, “The person you want to film a virtual marriage program with…?” and was given the options of two girl group members: KARA’s Goo Hara and miss A’s Suzy. At first, Jackson fell into deep contemplation and said, “I really don’t know.” However, after reaching the verge of tears, he ultimately shouted out “Suzy!” as his final answer.

The next question was also not an easy one: “If you received a scouting (casting) offer to switch companies…?” with the options SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. As an artist currently under JYP Entertainment, Jackson struggled to answer, instead saying, “This is a really strong .” However, after much thought, he ended up choosing YG Entertainment.

Following the completion of the stress test, Jackson expressed, “[The questions] were all stressful,” causing laughter among the other guests.