A Pink Fights for Dam Yool’s Love in “Oh! My Baby”

A Pink fell in love with singer Kim Jung Min’s son, Dam Yool, in the most recent shooting of SBS’s variety program, “Oh! My Baby.”

Bomi especially followed Dam Yool around, striving for his love. Dam Yool, however, seemed to be playing with her heart, teasing her by never quite giving her a piece of his bread, which was his sign of affection.

Bomi showed her love towards Dam Yool by saying, “I usually am terrified of holding babies. However, everything about Dam Yool is so likable.”

Wanting to become closer with Dam Yool, A Pink brought him over to their house, which is often regarded as an area of complete privacy, without even their manager’s supervision. There, they put on a special performance, from talent shows to dancing, just for Dam Yool. He, however, was not easily won over, and the members even competed against each other in an affection test to see whom Dam Yool truly liked the most.

Kim Jung Min and his wife Rumiko were also touched at how A Pink knew so much about child caring and truly looked after Dam Yool.

Dam Yool and A Pink’s encounter will be aired on December 13.

Meanwhile, A Pink has made a comeback with their latest mini album, “Pink Luv.” They have been continuing a winning streak in numerous music chart shows with their title song “Luv.”