Kanto and As One Drop Music Video for “Before the Snow” Featuring Cameo from Ex-Hello Venus’ Yoonjo

Solo star Kanto has released a music video for the Christmas-themed song “Before the Snow,” which also features the vocals of female duo As One. The track is now available as a digital download.

The video also features an appearance from former Hello Venus member Yoonjo, who stars as Kanto’s love interest, and even receives a kiss on the forehead from the star at the end of the video.


The track is an upbeat number, with Kanto rapping the verses and As One singing the song’s catchy hook.

Kanto’s talent agency, Brand New Music, said of the release, “It is a winter track that harmoniously blends Kanto’s deep vocals with the sweet singing of As One. We especially want to thank Yoonjo for braving the cold weather outside to help make this video.”