GOT7 Praises “NO.MERCY” Shownu as Being ‘Little Rain’

Trainee Shownu is getting attention through Starship Entertainment‘s boy group survival program “NO.MERCY.”

On the first episode of “NO.MERCY” on December 10, 12 trainees with individual charms were revealed. As is expected from Starship Entertainment, an agency that produced skilled musicians and digital chart toppers, the charming trainees showed off great visuals, as well as pro-level skills. In particular, Shownu, who was chosen as the first place trainee, garnered attention.

Shownu, who previously trained at JYP Entertainment, was able to meet up with the GOT7 members he spent his trainee days with. JB said, “When we were training, Shownu was the top.” Jr. said, “The two of us trained hard with Shownu as our role model.”

JB added, “To be honest, the three of us were supposed to debut together and as we trained together, we planned out the team and what not. But rather than debuting as three, I honestly thought that Shownu would debut as a solo and the two of us left would debut together.” At that, Jr. complimented Shownu, saying, “Shownu was like ‘Little Rain’.”

With perfect vocals, dance and visuals, Shownu recieved praises from Wheesung and Hyorin. The trainee said that he nurtured his dream after watching Singer Rain’s performances.

“NO.MERCY” adds a ranking component to its survival aspect, adding to its merciless nature. Their ranking from first to twelfth place will be their name, so it is expected to be the most cutthroat and aggressive competition to date.