2014 MBC Entertainment Awards Grand Prize Will Also Be Completely Determined by Text Voting

The grand prize at the upcoming “2014 MBC Entertainment Awards” will be determined completely by text voting, just like its counterpart, the “2014 MBC Drama Awards.”

According to a source related to MBC, the grand prize will be awarded to one variety show MC who has embodied excellence in his or her work in the past year.

The source revealed in an interview with Star News,“The candidates for the grand prize will be revealed on the day of the awards ceremony. And viewers will have the opportunity to vote through text message during the ceremony.”

The candidates will be determined by a panel consisting of experts in the industry. Many are expecting Yoo Jae SukPark Myung Soo, and Kim Gu Ra to make the ballot.

The “2014 MBC Entertainment Awards” will be broadcasted live on December 29 with Kim Sung Joo, actress Kim Sung Ryung, and idol group ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik as hosts.