JYJ’s Kim Junsu Releases Official Statement Regarding Hotel Legal Disputes

On December 11, JYJ’s Kim Junsu released an official statement in response to recent controversy surrounding his alleged failure to pay a substantial amount of fees for the construction of his hotel on Jeju Island.

According to a report published yesterday by Jeju Citizen Daily, two construction companies, “A” and “B,” are taking legal action against Kim Junsu, alleging that he has failed to pay for construction costs.

Through an official press release, a representative of Toscana Hotel, of which Kim Junsu is the CEO, states, “Evidence is trickling out suggesting that the two construction firms [“A” and “B”] embezzled and inflated construction costs by at least double their actual amount. In response, we will be taking firm legal measures in the form of a lawsuit.”

With regards to the order of payment of 5 billion KRW filed to the Jeju District Court by the two construction companies and a provisional seizure of 1.8 billion KRW worth of property filed by construction company A, the press release states, “This is just a malicious attempt to tarnish the reputation of a Hallyu star because there is no truth to the claim that any money was borrowed [by Kim Junsu from the construction companies].” The statement acknowledged that while an IOU was indeed written on August 4, it was written at the companies’ insistence on their need to have it for the sake of accounting records, and that there is no obligation [on Kim Junsu’s part] to repay.

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