Melody Day Releases “Anxious” MV Feat. Mad Clown

Melody Day, a girl group from Viewga Entertainment, released their first digital single, “Anxious,” along with its music video. The song also features hip hop artist Mad Clown.

The music video shows the four band members Yeo Eun, Ye In, Cha Hee, and Yoo Min coping with anxiety about their relationships. Each of them has an ominous feeling that their boyfriends will break up with them, and they try to stall what seems like an inevitable breakup. The lighting and background do well to portray the gloomy emotions they suffer.

The music is melodic and somber, and the band’s harmonious vocals truly convey the emotions depicted in the music video. Mad Clown’s rap sets an emotional tone that elevates the atmosphere of their heartfelt sadness.

Check out the music video below!