Akdong Musician Dances Along to “GOOD BOY” in Instagram Video

Akdong Musician (“AKMU”) revealed their playful side off the stage to their fans.

On Instagram, Lee Soo Hyun of Akdong Musician posted a video of her and her brother dancing on treadmills along to GD X Taeyang’s latest single, “GOOD BOY,” with the captions “Having so much fun. #too fast..!!! #work out work out #GOOD BOY”

In the video, Lee Soo Hyun is on the treadmill next to her brother, Lee Chan Hyuk in a gym. Both are dancing to the music with a comical touch to GD X Taeyang’s original charismatic moves.

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Chanhyuk also posted a video, showing off a different angle. 

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Lee Chan Hyuk’s comic dance especially caught the eyes of many viewers because of his bold moves, from moving his hips side to side to pointing his arms around. Despite the humor induced steps, many pointed out that the Akdong Musician siblings were actually good dancers based on their clean-cut moves.

Lee Soo Hyun was most recently seen at the premiere of the movie, “International Market,” on December 10. Although dressed in sophisticated clothes, many commented that her sweet smile still indicated that she was a young and bright girl.

Akdong Musician has also been starring as guest judges for “K-pop Star 4,” the audition show that led them to their path of fame almost two years ago.