Kang So Ra Expresses Gratitude For “Misaeng” Crew With Chicken

Actress Kang So Ra warmed the hearts of “Misaeng” staff members with her thoughtful gift.

On December 12. Kang So Ra bought 70 servings of fried chicken for her costars and staff members of the tvN Friday-Saturday drama “Misaeng,” which is only a week away from its end.

While wondering what would make a good present to her fellow coworkers who have endured hours of hard work with her, Kang So Ra decided to bring a fried chicken kiosk to the filming scene. A confirmation picture of her with a piece of chicken tempted viewers to indulge into a midnight snack. Despite the late night shooting, her flawless beauty also caught the eyes of many.

“I was wondering how to show my gratitude to fellow staff and coworkers who have worked day and night to produce ‘Misaeng,’ when I decided to present the widely-love snack, chicken,” she said. “I hope that everyone will keep up the good work until the finale of the show after replenishing their energy with ‘Yung Yi’s Chicken.’”

Staff members expressed their joy at the pleasant surprise by saying, “Kang Sora’s considerate gift warmed up the cold film set. Though she was already loved by everyone due to her kind heart and hard work ethics, this gift probably just made her even more popular!”

tvN’s “Misaeng” airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

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