Leeteuk Thinks He Will Be the Last Member to Get Married in Super Junior

In a recent interview with Osen, Super Junior leader Leeteuk revealed that he thinks he will be the last one to get married in Super Junior.

On his recent activities, Leeteuk, who has been focusing solely on Super Junior activities since he was discharged from his military service, said, “I used to feel depressed a lot, but I am the happiest when I’m working. It’s about time that I get started on my individual activities.” He added that his next plan is to start appearing on variety shows again.

Regarding the recent marriage of fellow group member Sungmin, Leeteuk said that he was not jealous, and that he wants to get married late. “I initially had it all planned out, but as I was living to achieve a goal, I was only fixated on success, without any time for myself. Now that I’ve gotten over that, I don’t feel the need to get married. When I think about someone being there next to me when I’m sleeping, I feel like it would be uncomfortable. Sometimes I think about whether I should get married at all.”