Highlights: “Modern Farmer” Episode 17

It is just one problem after another in episode 17 of “Modern Farmer.” Almost all of the main plot points had some sort of issue arise, making things tense. Yoo Na’s jealousy has made her quite bitter towards Kang Yoon Hee, and she even goes as far as preventing Kang Yoon Hee from seeing Lee Min Ki. And even though everything was going so well for the group’s cabbage farming, things quickly take a turn for the worst.

1. Yoo Han Chul tries to get Lee Soo Yun to give him his first kiss…


Being blinded by love has certainly led Yoo Han Chul astray as far as to ask Han Ki Joon for advice on how to get Lee Soo Yun to kiss him. Drink with her, he said. It’ll relax things, he said. Needless to say, when Lee Soo Yun realizes what is going on, she gets angry and hits him with the makgeolli bowl before leaving.

2. Bul Ja is discovered by the patrol and runs away.


Though things were beginning to really look up for Bul Ja, the patrol happened to choose this day to check for illegal immigrants. Bul Ja almost slipped through, but she is discovered and makes a run for it. Han Ki Joon and Hwang Man Goo both protect her as she escapes, and though she gets away, she does not return after the dust settles.

3. The group discovers that cabbage prices have hit rock bottom.


With all their hard work and successful attempt to farm cabbages, the two-year theory falls short of its promise. Instead of the cabbage prices continuing to rise as they had, the prices plummet down from $15 a head to merely $0.10 a head. Though the group decides to harvest and sell their cabbages anyway, when the profit is not good Han Ki Joon finally snaps from the loss of both the effort put into the cabbages and Bul Ja running away. He decides to stay in Seoul, concluding that all he is worth is taking over his parent’s restaurant.

4. The man in the coma escapes.


While the two men in black suits are away from the hospital room, the man in the coma finally fully wakes up and escapes. With him now on the run, will he go straight to the village for the money or go into hiding?

5. Lee Min Ki takes a swing at Lee Hyun Suk for Kang Yoon Hee.


Turns out that the woman from before is Lee Hyun Suk’s fiancée, and he tells Kang Yoon Hee that he wants her to keep everything a secret. It would create an awkward situation. Though he doesn’t want to be part of Kang Min Ho’s life as his father, Lee Hyun Suk says that he is willing to pay child support until he grows up.

Not only does this anger Kang Yoon Hee, but also Lee Min Ki who overheard. Though he is with Yoo Na, Lee Min Ki leaves and follows Lee Hyun Suk back to Seoul. Entering the dressing room, Lee Min Ki gives the man a strong punch to the face. When angrily asked who he is, he identifies himself as Kang Yoon Hee’s close friend and Kang Min Ho’s uncle.

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