Top Ten K-drama Moments Of The Week – December Week 3

It’s that time again when share the scenes that are keeping us addicted to the current offerings from K-dramaland! So, what had us staying up late last week and infiltrating Soompi’s threads for the latest drama updates? Take a gander!

1. “Pinocchio“: I will lend you my voice

In Ha has been unable to stand the sight of her mother since learning of her role in ruining Dal Po‘s family. She reaches her breaking point when, during a lecture, her arrogant, unapologetic mother taunts Dal Po from the stage. Knowing that despite his pain, Dal Po will not speak up, In Ha grabs a microphone and becomes his voice. We love that she was able to use the same words that ignited her romantic feelings to protect the man she loves.

2. “Misaeng“: Cram session

Manager Oh‘s superhero cape gets bigger each episode, big enough to catch the problems of another team. However, a superhero needs a loyal sidekick—or four—to help him with his latest mission.

When Manager Sun is hospitalized and her subordinates refuse to work on her project, Manager Oh assembles the newbies for an all-work weekend to write the report for the ailing supervisor. Though tired and overworked, the four newbies find time to joke around, mostly by courtesy of Suk Yool.

When he looks back on the moment years later, we don’t think Suk Yool will regret trading a date with a flight attendant for this weekend with his co-workers, and Manager Oh, proud of their passion and effort, has made sure all of them will remember it.


3. “Healer”: No abuse here

The new KBS drama, “Healer,” began this past week, and we’re off to a great start!

Our “Healer,” Seo Jung Hoo, is told to investigate Chae Young Shin‘s life: Was she abused as a child or is she currently being mistreated?

Donning a hideous Beatles wig to disguise himself, Jung Hoo heads over to her family café. There, he watches, in either shock or horror, as she adorably busts a move with her adoptive father. His sidekick, Jo Min Ja, quickly sends a message: No, there is zero evidence of abuse. LOL!

4. “Birth of a Beauty“: May I have your hand?

Sa Geum Ran had an evening of surprises this past week. First, she learned that her beloved “doctor,” Han Tae Hee, wasn’t kidding when he told her that he was the president of Winner Food. Then, he made her dream come true by leading her in her very first waltz. The biggest shock of all came in a very understated, yet romantic marriage proposal. SQUEE!

5. “The Legendary Witch“: Food stall for one only

Ever since his wife’s passing, Woo Suk has continuously rejected Joo Hee with the excuse that he is unwilling to enter another relationship and that he doesn’t see her as a woman. However, he is now ready to be with someone, but bad news for Joo Hee is it’s not her. In truth, he’s so smitten by Soo In that he becomes jealous of her flirty male customers. Bwehe.


6. “Sweden Laundry”: Gotcha!

Bom has always scoffed at her sister’s dream of being an actress; however, she learns that being an actress is not just knowing your part but that everyone’s dream is important.

Forced to get her sister, Eun Sol, out of trouble, Bom made kimbap to butter up the film crew. Her plan backfired when the lead actress fell ill and her sister was blamed. Although her pleas to let Eun Sol keep her job were ignored, Bom still got a hero’s high five when she found out the lead actress was lying and used food poisoning as an excuse to meet with a boyfriend. With Soo Chul‘s help, the director learned the truth and Eun Sol got her job back.


7. “Pride and Prejudice“: Who is the real bad guy?

We’re still not sure if Chief Moon is a bad guy, trying to protect himself or others by covering up the past events that led to the kidnapping of two small boys. Is he really the evil mastermind or is he secretly fighting for justice?

Dong Chi didn’t seem to believe his mentor was a bad guy either, until recently when Chief Moon took the case file from him. He’s been ordered to “get rid of” Dong Chi, but will the chief really try to have him murdered? We’re hanging on by our fingernails!


8. “Valid Love“: In your face

Supposedly annoyed by Il Ree, Kim Joon dismisses her from work a day early but gives her the pay for that day. Il Ree, unable to accept this, makes a fuss and shows up to work the next day. He tries to drive her off but eventually confesses he can’t stand working with her. Upset, she paints an x across his face, throws his money at him and storms off.

She clearly overreacted, but he definitely won’t forget her now!

9. “The King’s Face”: My play

Prince Gwanghae decides to place his enemy, Kim Goong Ryang, in a trap and retrieve his transaction ledgers and the missing seal. He risks it all in a game equivalent to Joseon poker, and for his final play he switches the deck to prevent Goong Ryang from cheating and winning. The loser’s look on Goong Ryang’s face was quite satisfying as good triumphed over evil once again!

10. “Mr. Baek”: Love is unending

As he dances with Ha Soo, Shin Hyung thinks about the precious memories he has created with her; he’s thankful for discovering the meaning of love and sorry that their time together is ending.

His sorrowful thoughts contrast the scene of the lovers happily twirling on the dance floor. We hate to be sappy, but this moment reminds us that no matter how finite life is, love is something to be cherished forever.

That’s it for now, and check us out again next week for a fresh batch of K-drama moments! And of course, if you’d like to add to this list, share your thoughts below!

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