Former After School Member Yoo So Young Joins New Agency

Former After School member Yoo So Young has signed a contract with a new agency to further her career as an actress.

The former girl group member has signed with Star Story Entertainment last month. According to her new agency, she will not only focus on acting, but will also be appearing on variety shows as well.

A representative from Star Story Entertainment commented, “We saw potential in Yoo So Young’s acting,” adding, “as she has been continuously getting training as an actor, we will now focus on broadening her career as an actor.”

They also said, “As she is multi-talented, she will grow into a multi-entertainer, and even try variety programs.”

Yoo So Young graduated from the acting department of Chung Ang University. After leaving After School in 2009, she has focused on acting, appearing in various projects like “Dream High 2” and “Miss Panda and Mister Hedgehog.

Her new agency Star Story Entertainment also houses actors like Lee Sang In, Ji Yong Suk, and Seo Yoon Ah.