Highlights: “We Got Married” Ep 250 – The OMG Moments

I, bubblybribri, am back for another “We Got Married” highlights recap! This past episode of “We Got Married” had so many funny and exciting moments. Today, we will be covering a few of the top “OMG” moments from the episode.

1) Bali Fans

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It was unbelievable to see how many fans came out to the airport to see the “Jjongah Couple!” As the beautiful couple got off the plane in Bali, they were greeted by tons of fans, just screaming and holding posters. The fans were just calling out their names and taking photos of them. Both Hong Jong Hyun and Yura were so shocked and amazed at their popularity as a couple. They just stood there, taking photos and taking all of it in. Park Mi Sun was even saying that she heard some fans flew in from Jakarta just to see the couple.

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2) Zipline Love

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Jong Hyun and Yura went to a zipline/rope course in what seemed like a forest. It was kind of precious because Jong Hyun was worrying about Yura the whole time and hoping she wouldn’t fall or forget to hook herself onto the ropes. She was behind him the whole time. Previously, they received a mission for Jong Hyun to successfully show off his aegyo to Yura three times. If he didn’t, then there would be some kind of punishment. As they continued on the course, they approached the zipline. She asked Jong Hyun if he could say “Princess Yura, I love you,” while going on the zip line. And at first, he was so hesitant and shy about it. And she wouldn’t let him go until he agreed to say it. Then finally, he jumped off the ledge while shouting, “Princess Yura, I love you.” And this definitely brought a smile on her face and made him blush a little bit. I really like this couple because I feel like they find so much joy and happiness in these little moments or actions.

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3) Heirs 2.0

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I love that with some of these couples, I can make connections with past WGM couples or other dramas. After their amazing wedding and reception, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun were exhausted. Jae Rim rented and decorated a van so that they could just get away and have time to themselves, just talking and having fun. But he mentioned that he failed the driver’s test that would let him get a license to drive the van. So they just rode in the pink van, which was on the back of a huge truck. But the reason why I am connecting this part to the drama “Heirs” is because the way the car and camp was set up reminded me of the way Lee Min Ho‘s character set up his camping surprise for Park Shin Hye‘s character. Although the scene in “Heirs” was way more decorative and Jae Rim’s set up was really simple, it was still cute and cozy. He prepared everything for his wife, from a pillow to keep her hands warm to a nice, warm blanket. He even brought fish cake soup and a bungeoppang kit, which is just a red bean fish-shaped pastry. That is what I love about Jae Rim! He is always on top of everything, well-prepared, and also very thoughtful in many ways. He asked So Eun if there was anything she wanted and that he would bring it for her from his trip, and she sweetly replied, “You.” Aww, MAJOR feels!

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4) The Log

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Soompiers, this is a major “OMG” moment, but also a swoon worthy moment! So after they set up their car and camp, Jae Rim and So Eun had to set up a campfire because it was getting super cold. But they had to actually cut the logs themselves. So Jae Rim, being the manly man he is,picked up the axe and just started chopping away. This was such a simple task, but this was the moment where you could see what a buff and tough guy Jae Rim was. Wow, what a guy! Seeing him chop the logs just made him so much more attractive and cool. And then this just turned into something really cute. So Eun wanted to try cutting one of the logs herself, but she pretty much just made a dent in the log. But Jae Rim found this to be really cute and adorable because he said he liked it when she wanted to do everything with him together.


5) Gym, Apple Butt, and Bench Pressing

mj3 mj1


You are probably wondering what these three things mean… This was probably one of the funniest moments I have ever seen from the Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young couple. I was laughing so hard throughout their entire segment. For the first part of their segment, they went to the gym together and I guess Min thought it was interesting just because his wife was in a place where he usually was by himself. It was so hilarious seeing Min’s reaction to every little thing Jin Young did. When Jin Young took her jacket off, he started blushing after seeing her in a tight black tank top. Things got pretty hot with this couple, but in a really funny and cheesy way. Min mentioned that the trend amongst women was the “apple butt,” and he taught her how to do squats that would help her obtain this. So he asked her, “Not that I want to see it, but from an exercise stand point, can I see your butt?” And this just made Jin Young laugh. Jin Young said, “You can’t see it,” then Min wittily responded, “Then do I touch it?” After showing her how to do the squats, Min told Jin Young to touch his butt and feel how firm it became only after a few sqauts. But instead of feeling it, she just kept poking it a couple times. Min ended up coming to the conclusion that she didn’t need to do the squats because her butt was already like an “apple butt.”

mj8 mj9

After exercising some more, the cliché question finally came out. Jin Young asked her husband if he could bench press with her on top of the weights. So without any waiting, Jin Young laid right on top of Min’s arms. The funny part was that her butt ended up right over his face and he just kept staring upwards, just fascinated and in awe. I lost count of how many times Min told Jin Young how sexy or how pretty she looked that day. Although I was laughing pretty hard during this part, a part of me was just surprised at how much their butts were talked about throughout it all.

6) Secret Garden 2.0

If you have seen the popular drama “Secret Garden,” starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, you probably are aware of the sit-up scene. It became an instant hit and there were tons of parodies of it. If you guessed that they reenacted this scene, you guessed correctly! I don’t think they planned it out exactly like the “Secret Garden” scene, but as they started doing sit-ups, it just happened that way. And they got super close to each other. SQUEALS!


This was overall a hilarious episode. Probably one of the funniest I have ever seen. I don’t think my words could do this justice! For those of you who have been following my highlight recaps, you probably know that I’m just kind of obsessed with the “Sorim” couple, but in this weekend’s episode, Min and Jin Young were so funny and entertaining! If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I highly recommend watching this one. You will not be bored. If you have seen the episode, comment below and tell me what your personal “OMG” moment was for this episode!

Extra! Here is my Eric Nam picture of the week! Even though his face is small in the corner, it says it all!


Love Eric’s expressions!

Just because I loved this episode so much, here is a bonus of all the MCs dumfounded in their jealousy of Jong Hyun and Yura!



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