Second Online Post Responds to Brand New Music’s Denial of San E’s Rude Behavior

Rapper San E has recently been under fire for his alleged rude behavior at a concert last October. Now, another post written in response to the situation has been making its rounds around the Internet.

The post was uploaded onto an online forum on December 15 with the title “A Celebrity’s Rude Behavior Case, a Second Message to San E and Company.”

In the post, the writer claims to be the musical director of Asan Owl Festival, the hip-hop festival at which San E reportedly displayed rude behavior. The writer apologizes for causing a stir with the earlier online post and proceeds to refute, one by one, the claims made by Brand New Music, San E’s management agency, in response to the accusations.

Regarding the agency’s claim that they had discussed with event staff beforehand that San E would be late, the writer responded, “On the contract, it said ‘11:30 performance.’ They agreed to these terms but were late by about 50 minutes.”

The post also mentions San E’s manager’s reportedly abusive language and behavior towards the event staff, “San E’s manager was using harsh language towards the general manager of the festival, and the situation only let up after a member of the audience shouted angrily to stop the loud cursing and start the show already.”

In response to Brand New Music’s denial that any harsh language was used, the writer said he plans to compile testimonies from audience members and associated staff members.

The writer ends the post acknowledging that despite the risks of posting something like this, it is important that these kinds of senseless behaviors are exposed in order to create a more sensible music industry.

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