Lee Joon and Thunder Officially Announce Departure from MBLAQ

It has officially been announced that Lee Joon and Thunder will be making their departure from MBLAQ to focus on individual activities.

According to a press release from their legal representative on December 16, “Lee Joon and Thunder’s exclusive contract with company J.Tune Camp and their promotions with MBLAQ have ended following the ‘Curtain Call’ concert at the end of November.”

The legal rep continued to explain, “Also, for their future plans, Lee Joon will commit to filming his drama ‘Mr. Baek,’ while Thunder will focus on his music studies for the time being. [Lee Joon and Thunder] would like to express thanks to all of their fans who have shown endless love and support to them for the past 5 years, and they will continue to repay their fans with an even more improved and mature image in the future.”

Are you sad to hear that the two of them will no longer promote as a part of MBLAQ?

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