Ailee and f(x)’s Amber to Star in Their Own Reality Show “One Fine Day”

It has been revealed that Ailee and f(x) member Amber are appearing in their very own travel reality show “One Fine Day!”

On December 16, a representative of MBC Music stated, “Ailee and Amber have been chosen as the next stars of ‘One Fine Day.’”

Known to be close friends in the music industry, Ailee and Amber were spotted together at Jeju Island last month, stirring fans’ curiosity as to what the two were filming.

Due to their individual busy schedules, the two friends were never able to enjoy a real vacation in the past. However, through “One Fine Day,” they were given the opportunity to spend a total of six days at Jeju Island to actually relax and have fun.

As they are both originally from the United States, it is said that Ailee and Amber did not know much about Jeju Island, other than being famous for its hallabong (orange-like fruit and black pig pork. Through their time on the island, the two of them were surprised to learn a lot of new things about the popular vacation destination.

A producer of the show explained that the staff members were overwhelmed by Ailee and Amber’s display of overflowing energy throughout the entire filming, even having a ‘dance time,’ as well as an unexpected late-night dive into the ocean.

Previously, SHINee, B1A4, and others took part in their own versions of “One Fine Day.”

Ailee and Amber’s “One Fine Day” is scheduled to begin airing on December 30 on MBC Music. Do you plan on watching their travel adventures on Jeju Island?