Masta Wu Talks About Comeback Concept and Featuring Artists in “Come Here” Making-of Video

YG Entertainment has released the making-of video for hip-hop artist Masta Wu‘s first single in six years, “Come Here,” featuring Dok2 and iKON‘s Bobby.

Released on December 1, the music video pleases both the ears and eyes with its powerful rap verses and impressive visuals. The behind-the-scenes clip features Masta Wu explaining about the concept and his choice of featuring artists, offering more insight into the production of the music video.

According to Masta Wu, they decided to go for the theme of “just hip-hop” and show as much about hip-hop as possible. In regards to his fellow rappers Dok2 and Bobby, he says that working with Dok2 had been in his mind for some time, whereas he and Bobby have a history of listening to music and spending time together.

The music video for “Come Here” has attracted great interest from fans of hip-hop for featuring cameo appearances by YG’s Teddy and Choice37, Illionaire‘s Beenzino and The Quiett, as well as Cohort‘s Okasian, Keith ApeJayallday, and DJ Soulscape