Im Joo Hwan Marvels at Jo Yoon Hee’s Bath Scene in “The Technicians”

Actor Im Joo Hwan commented that Jo Yoon Hee’s bathing scene was one of the most memorable in the movie “The Technicians.”

On December 16, the press premiere of the criminal action movie “The Technicians” was held at Songpa Gu, Seoul.

Im Joo Hwan said, “The best scene in ‘The Technicians’ is Jo Yoon Hee’s bath scene,” making everyone in the crowd laugh.

“It was weird because there was no need for a scene of her bathing when it could be substituted with her eating instead,” he commented. He also jokingly added, “I was very disappointed when the water in the bath tub was not clear.”

Actor Kim Woo Bin, also starring in “The Technicians,” said that the bath scenes were purely made for commercial purposes when asked about his own shower scene in the movie.

“I was confused when I saw the shower scene in the script because there was no reason for  one at all. When I asked the director, he said that it was purely a commercial scene. I started working out really hard afterwards when he said that this was a scene for the fans,” he said.

“The Technicians” is a heister movie in which only the best technicians get together to steal 150 million dollars in 40 minutes from Incheon Customs, which is one of the most strictly secured areas in Northeast Asia. Under the lead of director Kim Heung Sun, who won the rookie award from the 33rd ‘Blue Dragon Movie Awards,’ the movie stars Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Chul, Ko Chang Seok, Lee Hyun Woo, Jo Yoon Hee, and Im Joo Hwan. It will open in theaters this Christmas Eve.