Official Posters Revealed for “Today’s Love” Featuring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won

Brand new official posters for the upcoming film “Today’s Love” were recently revealed ahead of the premiere date.

On December 17, two different poster images featuring the lead stars, singer-actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Moon Chae Won, were released by the movie’s production company, raising fans’ anticipation for the actual release.

“Today’s Love” is a romantic comedy film that follows the blooming love story of the characters of Hyun Woo (played by Moon Chae Won) and Joon Soo (Lee Seung Gi).

In one of the posters, Moon Chae Won can be seen trying to plant a kiss on Lee Seung Gi’s cheek, as he cringes his face. In the other poster, Lee Seung Gi can be seen appearing to struggle as he carries Moon Chae Won, who looks ecstatic, on his back.

Meanwhile, “Today’s Love” is scheduled to hit theaters on January 15.
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