“Misaeng” Im Si Wan Saves Kim Dae Myung From Celebrating Birthday Alone

Im Si Wan celebrated his “Misaeng” boss Kim Dae Myung’s birthday.

On December 16, Im Si Wan tweeted, “It must be this man’s birthday. Gosh.. I couldn’t just pass by the sad sight of him celebrating alone. I hope everyone else supports him too,” along with a picture of Kim Dae Myung in front of a cake, alone with a hat on his head while clapping. The sight of him, the view partially blocked by the wall while he had a sad smile on his face, brought both laughter and compassion towards the birthday boy.

Afterwards, Kim Dae Myung posted on his Instagram, “I was quietly celebrating myself when Jan Geu Rae and Chief Oh came for a picture… They asked me to take their picture and left. Still, Sales Team 3 always has my back. A special night with Sales Team 3. I’m still a misaeng (incomplete life which can also mean infinite potential).”

Im Si Wan and Lee Sung Min are smiling widely and waving their hands in front of a birthday cake in the picture Kim Dae Myung posted along with his caption in Instagram.


Meanwhile, “Misaeng” is the story of Jang Geu Rae, a baduk genius who fails in becoming a professional player, and he gets thrown into the real world. It has been gaining popularity among workers by realistically depicting office life.

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