Highlights: “Pride and Prejudice” Episodes 14 and 15

This week on “Pride and Prejudice,” it’s all investigation, all the time, as Team Prosecutor discovers more and more about what happened in December 1999. But how much of their information is true, and how much is misleading? Can they trust anyone outside of their circle of three? And will any of the Public Safety Team still have jobs by the time the investigation is completed? Nobody knows the answers to these questions, and that’s part of why this drama is so much fun.

These were my five favorite scenes of “Pride and Prejudice” episodes 14 and 15:

1. Best selca ever

At first, Kang Soo is reluctant to take a selca with Dong Chi. But when he finally agrees, he commits whole-heartedly, smooshing his face up against Dong Chi’s like there’s nothing he’d rather be doing. It’s silly, but completely adorable. pride and prejudice 14:15 choi jin hyuk lee tae hwan final

2. “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

One of the main themes of “Pride and Prejudice” is the practical impossibility of winning against a powerful institution. We’ve seen Team Prosecutor try to bring the powerful to justice for their crimes, and the good guys always end up failing. People without power will never win against people who have power, as Moon Hee Man says. But what I love about our heroes, and especially about Dong Chi, who’s been doing this job for the longest, is that they don’t become jaded. They keep fighting. Here, Dong Chi calls Moon Hee Man to task for obstructing an investigation, only for his superior to point out that Dong Chi is destined to lose. Dong Chi listens, and then goes back to fighting against people he can never beat. And that’s why he’s our hero.

pride and prejudice 14:15 choi jin hyuk finalpride and prejudice 14:15 choi min soo final

3. Lawyer Jung returns

This is the week of Jung Chang Gi bursting into the prosecutors’ office at opportune moments—only now, he’s no longer the neighborhood ajusshi, he’s Lawyer Jung Chang Gi (and he really doesn’t want you to call him “ajusshi!”). It’s a shocking transformation, but it’s later revealed that he’s only become the Hwa Young Foundation’s lawyer in order to find out who kidnapped Kang Soo. So whether he’s ajusshi or Lawyer Jung, it’s good to know that his priority is still Kang Soo.

pride and prejudice 14:15 son chang min final

4. “Do you remember your mother?”

Technically, every member of Team Prosecutor is involved in the kidnapping/murder case they’re investigating: Yeol Moo is the sister of one of the victims, Kang Soo is the other victim, and Dong Chi is a witness (which makes me feel like none of them should be investigating, but it’s not like there’s anyone else they can trust!). But while Yeol Moo and Dong Chi have lived their entire adult lives in the shadow of this case, it’s completely new to Kang Soo, even though he’s the most intimately involved. So I loved this conversation Kang Soo has with Dong Chi, which addresses how honestly ambivalent Kang Soo feels about his life before his memory loss. How can he feel genuine sorrow for his dead mother, or genuine rage at Chang Gi, her killer, when no part of his heart thinks of that woman as his mother? How can he grieve Seo Tae Won’s loss when he is no longer Seo Tae Won—when he can’t remember ever being Seo Tae Won? I find this so interesting, and look forward to seeing it explored further. pride and prejudice 14:15 lee tae hwan finalpride and prejudice 14:15 choi jin hyuk 2 final

5. Dong Chi’s father is involved?!

And I though this case couldn’t get any more incestuous! So there was a tie-pin found at the factory where the abducted boys were taken which belongs to Dong Chi’s father. Honestly, I do think this makes sense—we knew that Dong Chi’s father worked at the factory, so if that location wasn’t just chosen randomly by White Bear the kidnapper, then it stands to reason that the factory administration was involved somehow. I just feel bad for Dong Chi—prosecuting his own father won’t be easy, if it comes to that.

pride and prejudice 14:15 dong chi's father final

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