Seolhyun Shows Great Acting Aptitude in “Gangnam 1970” Film Stills

AOA’s Seoulhyun will be playing in her first acting role in a film through Director Yoo Ha’s “Gangnam 1970” (also known as “Gangnam Blues“).

She will be playing the role of Kang Sun Hye, a daughter raised by a mobster. Despite her upbringing, her demeanor is nice and kind. Seoulhyun fit the character well as she showed her more innocent side on the big screen. In fact, she played her role so well that the director thought she would be better suited as an actress than as a singer.

“Seoulhyun was so natural and fresh with her role that I questioned myself on whether she would be a better actress than a singer,” said the director. “She was cast for the role because she has such a pure innocent look.”

The movie stills show the pure-heartedness of her character in action. The stills capture the essence of Seoulhyun’s character as she smiles happily doing chores in what is unmistakably the setting of Seoul in the 1970s.

The film will be released in theatres January 21 of next year.

Check out the trailer for “Gangnam 1970” below!

seoulhyun 2